Werewolves, Wild Tales & Writers, Oh My! : iPulpFiction.com

Short stories are truly wonderful things. Little gems of literary creativity and wonder, they are vignettes of a writer's imagination on a small stage, an opportunity to showcase an idea or a few scenes that don't require the length of a novel to be appreciated.  Lately, there's been a renaissance of the short story from publishers, and popularity among readers assures that this will continue.  Among e-publishers, one website that stands out from the crowd is ipulpfiction.com. Their stories have a wide range: classic Mark Twain, noir detectives, romance, science fiction, dogs, mysteries, Westerns, and the supernatural - for adults and kids alike. Shameless plug:  The "New Voices in Horror" section includes one of mine:

iPulp's experienced and professional staff know their stuff.  They look for well-crafted tales and provide the same courteous and knowledgable services to mostly unknown writers as they do to published luminaries like Orson Scott Card and Ben Bova.  I urge you to visit the site and see for yourself, it's a lot of fun. If you're a writer, think about submitting a story to them, it's a good opportunity.  If you're a reader, you'll have a grand time and stock up on some great stories.

Regards, Raven