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Welcome. This site is dedicated not just to writers and readers, but to the dreamers, the curious, the creative -- anyone who wishes to sail away to another world on the ship of their own words, promote their ideas, products or businesses, or need help with research or publishing. Whether you read the words of others, or wish to embark on a journey created by your own, Raven can be your guide. She is an accomplished editor and writer who has published books, short stories and articles, and has helped many writers and businesses with projects as diverse as novels to corporate annual reports. What she loves nearly as much as creating her own stories is helping others who wish to do so as well.

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Good books are not written—they’re re-written. Writers need a good support team to help shape and refine their work. I’m lucky to have Raven as a trusted part of my team. Her insights were influential in the development of my new science fiction series, Neworld Papers.” - Keith Shaw, publisher of iPulpFiction.com