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 You love words. Or perhaps what words can say about you, your business, your website, or that manuscript you’ve been working on, maybe the one that’s stored in your psyche or desk drawer. You may need professional help from someone who’s been there, seen the play, heard the music, written the book, a stylist with language who’s not afraid to tell it like it is or to take it to the edge: Raven Grimaldi. On this site you will learn about Raven, her Writing Services and how she can help you. (You may also check out her critically-acclaimed blog, Raven's Nest. Ravens are sharp-eyed birds who like interesting things to share with others, sometimes even ruffling a feather or two.)

We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams -
Arthur W. E. O’Shaughnessy


about Raven

Welcome. This site is dedicated not just to writers and readers, but to the dreamers, the curious, the creative -- anyone who wishes to sail away to another world on the ship of their own words, promote their ideas, products or businesses, or need help with research or publishing. Whether you read the words of others, or wish to embark on a journey created by your own, Raven can be your guide. She is an accomplished editor and writer who has published books, short stories and articles, and has helped many writers and businesses with projects as diverse as novels to corporate annual reports. What she loves nearly as much as creating her own stories is helping others who wish to do so as well.

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Good books are not written—they’re re-written. Writers need a good support team to help shape and refine their work. I’m lucky to have Raven as a trusted part of my team. Her insights were influential in the development of my new science fiction series, Neworld Papers.” - Keith Shaw, publisher of iPulpFiction.com


Raven's Writing services

Raven Grimaldi has been providing writing, editing and proofreading services for more than 20 years, a published award-winning author who has been instrumental in helping corporations, website designers, small business, medical institutions and academics establish branding and a professional image. She has edited and coached writers of fiction and non -fiction from inception to publication and taught creative and business writing at the college level.


Editing & Proofreading

When doing basic editing, Raven will edit for:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • clarity
  • punctuation (those pesky commas and apostrophes) 
  • verb tenses
  • paragraph placement
  • ill-advised word choices

Sometimes more substantial changes are required, such as clarification of meaning, changing sentence structure, rearranging the contents, or repetitive problems as above.  For a substantial edit, or revision, Raven will also look at the following:

  • structure
  • cohesiveness
  • meaning
  • full development

After Raven reviews your project or manuscript, she can give you an estimate based upon which type of editing you need. For proofreading on a manuscript or project that is fully edited, Raven will go over it for any typos or errors and note any corrections needed.


Raven is well versed in writing press releases, ad copy, website text, film synopses, newspaper submissions, music liner notes- pretty much whatever you need, Raven has done it.

Submit the pertinent facts, what you need and how soon you need it. Raven will write a draft for your approval.

Manuscript Review & Critique

This service is primarily for authors of book-length fiction or non-fiction (50,000 words or more) manuscripts, (but certainly available for shorter pieces as well, that are destined for publication, such as short stories or articles), that are:

  • In rough draft form, ready for critique and suggestions for improvement, OR
  • In a more polished form, to be proofed before submission to a publisher.

Raven will review and critique as needed to start and if additional editing is needed, Raven will contact you.

Personal Writing Coach

Raven has worked aspiring beginners to experienced published authors and helped them achieve their writing goals, across the U.S. and internationally. Raven draws on her long experience in teaching writing to inspire and urge writers forward with their work, from the first paragraphs to, in some cases, editing the final product before publication.  This is not a set series of "classes" or workshops,  but on a more informal back and forth email basis, that will last as long as you need her assistance. In some cases, this may be a couple of months, and in others, a year or more.  It's sort of like having your own private writing teacher, and many have found this service very helpful.

If this is something you would like to know more about, send Raven an email on the submissions page and we can discuss in more detail.




By The Hour: $55

Raven’s rates are by the hour, and we guarantee charges will vary no more or less than 5% from the written estimate. All editing, copywriting and review rates are the same. For manuscript review on larger projects, the rate is usually discounted. For coaching/consulting services, we will discuss your needs.

Some editorial services charge by the word or by the page, which can get very costly. Our experience has been not only is Raven’s the best editorial service, but absolutely the best-priced. (Ravens are thrifty, sharp-eyed birds, after all.) There are cheaper services advertised, as well as ones much more expensive, but Raven offers guaranteed quality, honesty and experience that most others cannot match.

You may click on the link below to compare
Raven’s rates to the industry standards.

Editorial Freelancers Association Industry Rate Chart



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